Who’s Rick Toone? He’s a problem solver. He’s made it snow in the desert, rain in the ocean, perfected the cheese pull (pizza tech talk) and set the stage for award winning comedy specials.

During his 20 years in Hollywood, he worked on feature films and over 50 Superbowl commercials. He’s worked with brands like Pepsi, the Got Milk Campaign (remember that one?) and 100’s more

  • What Does All this Mean for You?

    It means Rick brings his national level experience to you as the business owner. You don’t need a Hollywood size budget to have a video message that connects with your customers. What you do need is a video that grabs attention and conveys your product or service as the solution your customers need.

  • When You Want to Stand Out

    But aren’t sure how, Rick can help. As a Creative Director, social media trainer and all-around people person, he can distill the essence of your business into a fun message to your customers.

  • Marketing with Video (or What it’s Like to Work with Rick Toone)

    You’ll meet via telephone or in person. You’ll share your objectives and ideas. After agreeing on a direction, he’ll write the script, help you choose a location and then shoot and edit.

    Whether it’s your first video or your 20th, Rick will make you feel comfortable and at ease. You’ll benefit from his years of experience working with both local entrepreneurs and big brand experiences. It’s a blend that makes for a unique perspective.

    When your video is complete, you’ll have a message that can help your website rank highly in Google and you can share on social media. Because Rick knows, it’s not enough to just have a pretty video. It needs to have purpose too.

    Marketing Video = A powerful combination. Contact Rick Toone today and get started on your next video.