There’s more to just doing the video.

To create successful marketing videos, you need a strategy.  What’s the purpose of the video? Who do you want to see it? Do you know how to use it to get more customers?

When you work with Rick, he walks you through a process.

How to Create Marketing Videos with Rick Toone

You don’t shoot over 1000 national commercials, Doritos,  American Airlines, Purina, etc. and not learn about marketing.

Every new client talks through their ideas with him and he offers suggestions. For example, when working with the Philly 100 winners, he’d learn what their product or service was and offer ways to approach it in a fun and innovative manner.  You can see some of the results here.

Or, watch this video for an eye care center who sells mail-order contact lenses.


Rick can show you what are the important items on your check list and why they matter.  Or, if you don’t have a checklist and “just want a marketing video”, he can help you focus on the end product.

Videos should be fun to produce and generate a positive ROI for your business. We’re not talking about making videos of your vacation or your child’s birthday, but a commercial for you or your business.

Here’s the Process:

1–Discuss ideas and budget

2–Rick develops a script and storyline (even McDonald’s commercials have a story)

3–Choose a location

4–Review with the client



8– Deliver to you the final product

In addition to creating your marketing video, Rick can help you develop a YouTube strategy, optimize your videos and meet other video marketing needs.

Imagine, with Rick as your “secret weapon”, you can have marketing videos that connect with your customers and ultimately help you bring in more profits. What type of business videos would work for you? Here are three of the most common types of videos.