Many small business owners wonder how they can use video in their marketing to drive sales.

Here are 3 Types of Business Videos Your Company or Business Could Use:

Product/Demo Videos

Do you ever wonder why there are so many infomercials?  It’s because people will buy what they understand. If you have a product or service that is easy to demonstrate or show an A-B comparison then video is a good choice for you. How many times have you seen a before and after picture and said WOW? With video the wow starts at the beginning and continues to the finish. Proper set up and shooting are essential to creating an effective product demo video.

Credibility Videos

    • Provide clear, consistent and professional online message and branding.

    • Promote brand awareness and increase visibility.

    • Keep your supporters and business partners better informed.

    • Increase the interaction of your community.

    • Exposure to unlimited potential clients and customers with increased Internet and social media marketing.

    • Benefits of a good business video: A well planned, well presented video will attract and encourage new leads, prospects and clients.

    • It will reinforce your brand, message and professional standing with your current clients and customers.

Effective, professional video production design combined with right pre-production planning ensure your videos are memorable and effective.

 Testimonial Videos

Does a high percentage of your business come from referral? If so, why not show how much other people are thrilled with you? Testimonials provide your new potential client with proof from happy and satisfied customers.

These are some of the business videos I regularly help clients create. When we talk, I’ll walk you through the options. You’ll have a clear idea about what we’re doing for what purpose and then we’ll implement. Have more questions? Call Rick at 215-262-0022.