So you’ve come to this page looking for some numbers:

Numbers to fit into your budget, numbers to justify doing it yourself or numbers to prove to you that hiring a professional is a smart way to go for your business.

People ask me daily what does it cost to produce a video? Sometimes I say how high is up? Sometimes  I say between $500 and $500,000.

While this may seem snarky, people usually get the point. After a brief explanation they realize that, like asking a contractor how much is it to redo my kitchen, he can’t possibly know the answer until he sees the kitchen and works with you to determine your needs.

Video production is no different. How long will the video be? How many people? How many locations? Where are the locations? Is there time involved in scriptwriting? Editing, timeframe and purpose all play into pricing. As you can see it’s more complicated than saying package A is….. and package B is…..

While others do this with their services we take a more personal approach because we feel that a video is an extension of you or your business and it needs to communicate a specific message. We don’t do cookie cutter videos, we listen to your needs and work with you to create a video of value that will get results.

Here at Shoot Better Video we can do soup to nuts or a-la-cart. We always do free quotes and offer a “getting started questionnaire” so we both have an understanding of your needs and expectations.

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Producing a two minute video

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Most people are looking for a short video to post on their website or use for marketing purposes. Often it’s something simple like you talking about your product or service. We call these talking head videos. They look simple enough but the truth is to make it look good and have a compelling call to action requires thought and planning.

Shooting is easy; set up camera, light the subject, mic the subject and record. Repeat with several different camera angles. Total time 2-3 hours.

Editing the footage also is pretty easy. Find the best shots and edit.

Before the easy stuff comes the hard part, planning the video. What do you say? Who are you talking to? What’s the style, location, distribution channel? Knowing the end before you start is where many people get confused or overwhelmed.

That’s where we come in. Download the client questionnaire to help you organize your thoughts before pulling the camera out. Shooting and editing are the mechanics of planning. At Shoot Better Video we spend more time before the shoot to make sure the rest of the process is easy before we start lugging around equipment.

Pricing for something like this can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the desired video.

Download and fill out the form and someone will get in touch with you to determine your needs and how to move forward with your video project.

Video Consulting

What is a video consultant and why do you need one?

Much like a contractor who knows about roofing, bricklaying, sub-floors, windows, electrical, permits, budgets, weather etc. a video consultant also has a hat with many colors. While the contractor is capable of performing most tasks he usually outsources most jobs to his trusted co-workers and partners yet he still maintains control of the project.

In addition to shooting, editing, distribution, file formats, mobile devices, budgets, locations, voice overs, music, there are other more important things to consider. Things like Knowing the strategy behind the video, knowing the audience and getting the message right. Marketing, distribution and having a crew in place to deal with wardrobe and a web designer are all part of what a video consultant can do for you.

We wouldn’t expect you to go to Home Depot and pick up the materials to build an addition onto your house and we wouldn’t expect you to grab your video camera and make a commercial for your company.

Let us guide you through the process.

Rates stat at $300 for a two hour session

Video and marketing

Distribution Strategy

A complementary 15 minute session will be given to understand your needs. To continue, the next step is to prepare a written distribution strategy based on your needs and projected goals.

Fees are based on $150 per hour and generally take between 1-3 hours per video or video series.

Being general often doesn’t work so if you have specific questions or needs email us and well do our best to answer your questions.

Teaching a Class in Video

With 20 years of Hollywood experience there is almost no limit on the subjects that Shoot Better Video can teach. Rick is a dynamic speaker with quick wit and humor. He has done keynotes and spoken to 3rd graders and everything in between. Always tailoring his presentations to each specific audience, Rick is much better being with warm bodies as opposed to his keyboard.

  • Pre Production

  • Shooting

  • Lighting

  • Audio

  • Editing

  • Post Workflow

  • Messaging

  • Marketing

  • Creative Development

  • Storyboarding

  • Online Distribution

  • Nuts and bolts of producing

  • Gear/equipment

  • Getting the best from non actors

  • Each teaching session is geared towards the audience in regards to their needs and abilities. Teaching can be based using Keynote, hands on or any other method so that the audience is getting the most from the teaching. Video doesn’t have to be complicated and here at Shoot Better Video we like to keep is simple.

Social Media Integration

We all know that social media plays a part in our marketing and personal lives.

Using video has become synonymous with social media. Why has this happened you may ask? It’s quite simple actually, people want to see who you really are and video is a format that allows your personality or product to have a life of its own 24/7.

Integrating video into your social media mix often requires a strategy based on your goals and needs of the video. Understanding this along with the behaviors of your audience in social media can be a complicated ordeal unless you have extensive experience using social media for business.

Here at Shoot Better Video we often speak and teach on social media issues from FaceBook fan pages to Google+ hangouts to YouTube and Vimeo strategies as well as using Twitter and LinkedIn to increase exposure and get the desired call to action from your video. Social media is a tool and when treated as such from experienced marketers will yield better results than thinking that it is a magic bullet that any 20 year old can master.

Call for rates based on your needs. Consultation rates begin at $150 per hour after an initial 15 minute assessment.

Critiquing Your Video

You can submit your video and we’ll critique it for you based on message, style, content, quality or whatever you want. Assessments are based on your request. Prices are based on length.

0-2 minutes


2-5 minutes


5-10 minutes


More than 10 minutes call for a quote